Philadelphia Union vs Manchester United

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

About an hour or so ago I returned from a pretty fun game.  I am a Gooner, but living in Philadelphia and going to school here has made me become a Philadelphia Union supporter also.  Anyhow, I was excited to see a good game and was hoping that the Union would thrash Man U, but that didn't exactly happen as Gabriel Obertan scored in the 75th minute.  The Union played with passion and were more menacing in the first half of play.

Some memorable moments from the game:

- Brazilian midfielder Fred skillfully dribbles around 4 ManU players and makes them look like cones during training.
-  Ryan Giggs going to take a corner in the first half and everyone getting up to cheer him.  Love or hate Man U, Giggs is a legend. respect.

Check out the middle finger at the very bottom of the image. lol. I think that's from the Union supporters' section.

- 2nd half substitutions.  Dimitar Berbatov comes on and shows us his new haircut that makes him look like he's 18.  More noticeable, however, were the universal boos all around the stadium and the "you are fucking shit" chants from some ManU fans. gotta love it.

- There were 44,200 fans in the stadium. I would say 40 thousand were Man U "fans" and I say "fans" because the atmosphere was pretty dry for a game that had that many Man U supporters.  I presume most were just wanna be's since most people who want to get into futbol usually support Man U by default.

- Die Hard Man U supporter who I got the great pleasure or misfortune to stand next to.  Guy has the Man U crest tattooed on his left arm. I love Arsenal to death, but I wouldn't go that far, but I applaud his loyalty.

Here are some more shots from the game. Enjoy.
After the game. Lovely Atmosphere

 LIVE BREATHE FUTBOL was in attendance. That up there is Nsisong (1st image). He is LBF fam.


The subway scene on our way back home. ManU fans everywhere.

All in all a fun game. I look forward to the Red Bull v Union game in October. I'll finally get to see my idol Thierry Henry play. I think the move is great for his career and confidence and I think he'll prove people wrong. 

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