A few minutes ago marked the end of 90 minutes of the resurgence of Brazilian futbol as we know it: stylish, fast and very very entertaining.  Long gone are the days of Dunga's defensive and conservative minded Brazil that we saw in South Africa.  Tonight we saw a very new and fresh squad that seems to be a rough draft of the team that will take the stage in their home country in 2014.  If so, I will begin putting my pennies into my piggy bank because I am going to Brazil to witness this kind of futbol.

Talking Points of the match:

The U.S. came out very aggressively in the first half with Landon Donovan having a formidable chance at goal in the 3rd minute.  After this, the U.S. seemed to slow down and lost a great deal of composure.   I expected a lot more from a full U.S. squad that has collectively more experience than the entire Brazilian squad.  Michael Bradley was the best player in white, but seemed to have no support pushing forward.

A young Brazilian squad looking to impress on a massive stage put on quite the show.  Let's talk a little bit about the 'fro-haux'd-haired skinny kid named Neymar.  He was, undoubtedly, the star of today's match for me and I am excited to watch him again.  At 18yrs of age he showed a great deal of confidence on the ball and worked the U.S. defense like it was practice. It was a lot of fun to watch.  At first I thought, "here goes another pelada-wielding kid with nothing else to show" and then boom, the 'fro-haux puts the ball past Tim Howard's post.   But the build up was sublime. classic Brazil. classic Joga Bonito.

Jozy Altidore....what were you doing????? For someone with his size and speed I expected him to be much more dangerous and daunting against a Brazilian side whose heaviest player is probably 160lbs (20lbs of that being pure fat in the stomach. *cough* Robinho *cough*).  He looked very nervous and uncomfortable on the ball.  Add to that he sat in one position with his hands extended calling for a pass instead of giving the attacker an option by making a run into open territory.  He's young I guess, so he has time to develop.

Ederson pulls his hamstring on his first touch on the ball trying to dribble into the sideline. pure comedy.

All in all, it was a fun game to watch, and the 70k+ fans in attendance shows that futbol is really picking up some serious steam in the 'States, which is good.  Hopefully the increased interest will see us get better commentators who actually talk about the game being played and not how awesome every player is when he does something he is expected to do (when Gomez gets into the box for the header).  'Til later folks! Live Breathe Futbol.

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I was just writing a video treatment for a future LIVE BREATHE FUTBOL advert and went nowhere else than Nike Football's YouTube Channel for some inspiration.  After clicking through a few videos I stumbled upon this video on their Nike Soccer Channel.  The idea  behind the advert is to "Play Like An American" and they have young players basically define what it is like to play like an American.  Then the hilarious part, which I love, this little kid says, "...then I will date your girlfriend." funny stuff, just thought I would share!


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I was just on twitter and someone posted this and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  On my old blog iEbun I made a post that basically pitted American Football against futbol to see what sport people preferred and, of course, everyone thought futbol was better.  This video below just goes to show how universal futbol is.  Kevin Glenn throws Dave Stala a nice touchdown pass and in celebration, Stala does a nice little flick. Check it out.

Futbol is Everywhere...


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A friend of mine and fellow futbol aficionado who I know as Osei Alleyne posted this video on my facebook wall a few days ago and I have not stopped listening to it since.   I've been playing futbol with Osei for a few years now, but I only recently found out thathe raps under the name "Manchilde".  At first I was a bit skeptical, because everyone seems to be rapping these days, but I gave it a listen and was very impressed.  The first track I heard was "Back Again" which is accompanied by a very cool video.

He has a new track and a new video that was shot in the great city of Philadelphia, U.S.A.  I really like the song and the visuals, so I thought I'd support him and share it with you all.  Gotta support my fellow futbol lovers. Enjoy.

I'm working on the 2010/2011 season line up of tees that I will be releasing shortly.  I'm also working on the custom packaging that the tees will be shipped it.  At Live Breathe Futbol it's all about the details (as well as moments) and I want to make sure the product is top notch.  New updates on the horizon, so stay tuned!


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About an hour or so ago I returned from a pretty fun game.  I am a Gooner, but living in Philadelphia and going to school here has made me become a Philadelphia Union supporter also.  Anyhow, I was excited to see a good game and was hoping that the Union would thrash Man U, but that didn't exactly happen as Gabriel Obertan scored in the 75th minute.  The Union played with passion and were more menacing in the first half of play.

Some memorable moments from the game:

- Brazilian midfielder Fred skillfully dribbles around 4 ManU players and makes them look like cones during training.
-  Ryan Giggs going to take a corner in the first half and everyone getting up to cheer him.  Love or hate Man U, Giggs is a legend. respect.

Check out the middle finger at the very bottom of the image. lol. I think that's from the Union supporters' section.

- 2nd half substitutions.  Dimitar Berbatov comes on and shows us his new haircut that makes him look like he's 18.  More noticeable, however, were the universal boos all around the stadium and the "you are fucking shit" chants from some ManU fans. gotta love it.

- There were 44,200 fans in the stadium. I would say 40 thousand were Man U "fans" and I say "fans" because the atmosphere was pretty dry for a game that had that many Man U supporters.  I presume most were just wanna be's since most people who want to get into futbol usually support Man U by default.

- Die Hard Man U supporter who I got the great pleasure or misfortune to stand next to.  Guy has the Man U crest tattooed on his left arm. I love Arsenal to death, but I wouldn't go that far, but I applaud his loyalty.

Here are some more shots from the game. Enjoy.
After the game. Lovely Atmosphere

 LIVE BREATHE FUTBOL was in attendance. That up there is Nsisong (1st image). He is LBF fam.


The subway scene on our way back home. ManU fans everywhere.

All in all a fun game. I look forward to the Red Bull v Union game in October. I'll finally get to see my idol Thierry Henry play. I think the move is great for his career and confidence and I think he'll prove people wrong. 


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I'm back with something really exciting to show you all.  About an hour or so ago I stopped by the printer's to pick up a new batch of Live Breathe Futbol shirts!  Except this time, it had to be done right, so now we have the shirts with our very own cool custom label. Check it out!

The design has also been updated a tad bit.  I added our trademark 45 degree angle stripes to the "L" for an added design quirk, hope you like it.  These are available in the store now. Click Here

In other LBF news, the new website that I promised around the World Cup is still in the works and it's looking great, I don't want to make any promises, but it will be up soon. It's almost complete.  Also new threads will be released soon! Thank you for supporting LIVE BREATHE FUTBOL!


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